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KWD 18.50

A new place to live is filled with many firsts and a gourmet breakfast from you can be one of them! Inside a reusable, handcrafted basket, your recipient will find coveted items, like fresh blueberry pomegranate jam, rich gourmet coffees, and hickory-smoked pepper bacon, to fill their kitchen with familiar scents that make any house feel like a home.


  • Wooden spoon Holder
  • Kitchen Spoon Set
  • 4 pcs porcelain Bathroom Set
  • Tea Set
  • Dinner Set


Our housewarming gift basket is stocked with assorted home practical and useful items for their new sweetest place.  .  A card is included for your warm message or greeting!

In case of unavailability of any of the items, We will replace it to similar one.