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dad gift 2


KWD 26.50

Overwhelm grandpa with this basket will make him feel treasured and at ease. Comforting in any way that he will certainly adore!


  • Cala Pedicure Tools 
  • Grace Cole Tempting Trio Sea Salt Lemongrass & Amber
  • Denim Shaving Cream Black 100ml
  • Artex Cotton Towel blue 41X66
  • Martini Brush with massage sponge


Assorted body essentials to help him to relax and be at ease. Foot Spa-like package to make you feel comfortable at the stake of your own home. Basket can be repurposed as a keepsake or a storage for any valuable itemsGift basket is wrapped with a cellophane emphasized with satin ribbons. A card is included for you warm messages or greetings!

basket size:  12cm - 22cm - 29cm